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The proven leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), salesforce.com empowers customers to stand out from the crowd. We do so by delivering the most innovative technology and making it as easy as possible to share and manage business information. Our solutions combine award-winning functionality, proven integration, point-and-click customization, global capabilities, and the best user experience and the result is CRM success. That's why Salesforce has earned the trust of its customers and a customer satisfaction rate of over 97%.

On-Demand Business Services


Salesforce SFA enables companies to drive sales productivity, increase visibility, and expand revenues with an affordable, easy-to-deploy service that delivers success to companies of all sizes.

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Partner Relationship Management

Salesforce PRM makes it easy for partners to access leads, collaborate on deals, and locate all the information they need in order to be successful. PRM is seamlessly integrated with Salesforce SFA to deliver unparalleled visibility to your company's entire sales pipeline for direct and indirect channels.

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Service & Support

Whether you are running customer service, product support, field service, telemarketing/telesales, an order desk, or an IT help desk, Salesforce Service & Support offers a comprehensive, multichannel customer service solution with all the advantages of salesforce.com's on-demand technology.

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Salesforce Marketing enables closed-loop marketing to execute, manage, and analyze the results of multichannel campaigns. Marketing executives can measure the ROI of their budgets, tie revenue back to specific marketing programs, and make adjustments in real time.

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Salesforce Content brings Web 2.0 usability to your business content so you can share it more effectively and enhance collaboration within your organization. Empower employees to find the exact documents they need, right from the business applications they use on a daily basis.

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Salesforce Ideas makes it easy to unleash the power of community and create a dynamic dialogue with your customers, partners, and employees. With Salesforce Ideas, you are clicks away from creating an online community where members can post, discuss and vote on ideas. The best ideas bubble up to the top, helping you prioritize and manage feedback in a scalable manner and instilling a sense of co-ownership with your most passionate evangelists.

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Salesforce Analytics empowers business users at every level to gain relevant insight and analysis. With real-time reporting, calculations, and dashboards, businesses can optimize performance, decision making, and resource allocation.

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Custom Applications

Build enterprise-class applications on salesforce.com's powerful on-demand platform. Deliver all your company's business applications in a single environment with one data model, one sharing model, and one user interface.

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AppExchange Applications

The AppExchange is your one-stop marketplace for on-demand business applications. The AppExchange makes it easy to find, sample, and select from hundreds of apps for your business, all preintegrated with Salesforce.

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